About us

  • Who you are?

    We are a team of experienced managers and IT specialists. We offer hosting with excellent value for money.

    We have 10 years of experience in IT behind us.

    GMhost was founded in 2014.

    We are LIR (RIPE NCC member) and Microsoft SPLA.

    We are trusted by both small business card sites and large portals, government agencies sites and large highly loaded projects and Internet startups.

  • What services do you provide?

    We provide the following services:


    • shared hosting
      virtual servers (VDS)
      dedicated servers
      domain name registration
      provision of security certificates (ssl certificate)
      server colocation
      providing space for backups (backup hosting)
      web development

  • What are your benefits and features?

    we are cheap
    traffic is not charged additionally
    allocation of servers and hosting in seconds
    free test
    SSD drives
    excellent accessibility in the CIS and Europe

  • You have very low prices, how do you earn?

    We are not just cheap, we have managed to develop a business model that allows us to provide services at entry-level hosting prices, with quality and availability time that is not inferior to modern corporate standards and the use of server equipment from branded manufacturers. This is our feature.

    At a time when, usually on the Runet market, a small price hides a catch in the form of a lack of guarantees of normal operation, savings on the hardware component and specialists, savings on architecture and services that ensure the smooth operation of those. sites, we have found solutions that allow the use of modern technical implementation at an affordable price, which affects prices for customers.

  • What is your market positioning?

    We occupy the niche of inexpensive hosting with the best price/quality ratio. Our services will be of interest, first of all, to customers who want to quickly get their server without waiting for several hours or days: quick registration and installation of a server with a test period.

    You can start working right away and pay later.

    Also, we are a serious competitor to any hosting that charges for traffic, because. all our servers do not require additional payment for traffic.

  • Do you have an affiliate (referral) program?

    Yes. In addition, our affiliate program is unique in that you receive commissions from the payments of the clients you referred, and do not receive a one-time payment. Deductions are 10%.

    Also, you can get money into your account by writing a review or other articles about us or our services and taking an active part in the development of our community.

  • Where are you located?

    Our office and our own technical site of Eesti, Tallinn, Laevastiku 3R (Estonia) and Tier2 are located in Khmelnytskyi (Ukraine).

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