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Data Center Features
in Estonia (InfonetDC)

Capacity: 512 racks

Present carriers: RETN, Telia, Cogent etc. Connection to operators: INFONET, Level3, HE. IXs: DE-CIX, AMS-IX, Data-IX, Piter-IX and MSK-IX.
Two independent optical paths to main Tallinn PoPs - Adala 29 and Sole 14.

Power supply: UPS Eaton with 2N redundancy, automatic input of reserve, DGU with 2N redundancy, two independent power feeds to the each rack

Cooling: precision Stulz air conditioners, redundancy of piping and units - N+1, cooling by the principle of cold and hot aisle, stable temperature is maintained at 22 + -2 ° C, relative humidity 40-60%

Security: A 2.5 m high fence with a concrete base around the perimeter of the data center (two security perimeters). Used more than 50 cameras for control and management system for access to the data center plus 24-hour armed security

Fire Suppression: Very Early Smoke Detection System (aka VESDA), eliminating possibility of false fire alarms. System of fire suppression uses environmentally compatible gas fire-extinguishing agent - Inergen.

Data Center Features in
Germany (FirstColo)

Capacity: 400 racks

Present carriers: data centre is just a few minutes' walk from Europe's largest peering point - the DE-CIX - and therefore offers ideal conditions for optimal connectivity.

Power supply: four UPS systems in N+1 network, electrical installation with overvoltage protection and regulated power distribution

Cooling: air-conditioning units redundant N+2, controllable precision air-conditioning technology: stable temperature is maintained at 20 + -2 ° C, relative humidity 30–40%

Security: biometric access systems (fingerprint), video surveillance of the entire data centre, 24/7 building surveillance and security service on standby

Fire Suppression: several independent fire compartments, f90 walls with steel security door, RAS/VESDA system for early detection of fire hazards, argon gas extinguishing with pressure reduction and silencers

Platform architecture
To provide shared hosting and vps <br /><noscript><img src=
To provide shared hosting and vps
we use clusters of dual-processor platforms
with 6-core processors
Intel Xeon family, ECC DDR3 memory
and distributed SDS Ceph on SSDs
Each server is connected by two 10 Gbps links <br /><noscript><img src=
Each server is connected by two 10 Gbps links
and has the ability to build internal virtual links up to 40 Gbps
We use the open and tested over <br /><noscript><img src=
We use the open and tested over
the years commercial software

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