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10% of each cost of your attracted customers forever
How it works
You create a customer<br><noscript><img src=
You create a customer
Customers are starting <br><noscript><img src=
Customers are starting
to use our services
You regularly receive <br><noscript><img src=
You regularly receive
interest on their costs
Case - website monetization
  • Download the banner from the catalog or order a personal one from us (we will produce it according to your TK)
  • Place a banner on your thematic resource, linking an affiliate link to it
  • Get automatic customer flow generation
  • Get consistent passive income
  • Offer your users a full range of services: from shared hosting, to equipment placement on sites in Germany and Estonia
Case - article monetization
  • Write a feature article in a blog or third-party resource
  • Write instructions on hosting or administering and setting up servers
  • Post affiliate link in your article
  • Get automatic generation of the flow of customers who use your instruction
  • Get consistent passive income
Case - video monetization
  • Shoot a thematic video for a youtube blog or channel
  • Place an affiliate link in the video description
  • Get automatic generation of a stream of customers who watch a video
  • Get consistent passive income
  • Shoot videos with instructions on hosting sites or administering and setting up servers, hosting reviews
What is the uniqueness and benefit of our affiliate program?
What is the uniqueness and benefit of our affiliate program?

We charge interest for the entire period of the “life” of the client you have attracted, in contrast to the options when a one-time fee is paid

You can earn money without having your own website (by distributing links in the texts of blogs, videos or on forums)

We pay a good percentage

We can withdraw funds, and not just use them to order our services

You advertise modern, competitive, quality and conscientious services in a growing market that are in demand

Attracting a client now, you get passive income all the time while he uses our services

We are interested in growth and will do everything so that the client you attracted never leaves

How to become a partner?
How to become a partner?

Register and confirm personal data

Go to your personal account and generate an affiliate link (section Client - Referral program)

In the same section you will find promotional materials and you can watch statistics

Each client who registered using your link will receive a bonus of 10% of the costs incurred by him

Share the link and distribute it on social networks, blogs and forums and letters, create contextual and teaser advertisements, place advertising banners to attract even more customers

How it works?
How it works?

You are given a unique referral link

A user who signs up for your link is considered attracted by you

As soon as the user attracted to you completes the order of paid services, you will be charged 10% of such an order

You can view statistics and get the necessary promotional materials.

You can create a request to withdraw the required amount of funds at any time (if there are three or more referrals)

How to attract customers?
How to attract customers?

When you connect to our affiliate program, you get access to ready-made advertising materials (banners) and the opportunity to order the personal graphic or text materials you need, which you can use to attract customers

Why will your visitors choose us?
Why will your visitors choose us?
  • We have one of the best price/performance/reliability/service ratios in the market
  • We have some of the best deals on price/set of services
  • We have inexpensive prices relative to the market
  • We are flexible and offer customized solutions
  • We have cool managers and good specialists
  • We do not stand still and are constantly evolving, offering customers new services and profitable solutions
How much will you earn?
How much will you earn?

You get standard conditions: 10% of each cost of your attracted customers for the entire life of the client. Individual negotiated agreement possible

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