Terms of Service

  • Where can I find the rules and regulations for the provision of services?

    Rules, conditions, regulations are specified in our offer.

  • How can I check the compliance of the parameters of the service I receive with the declared ones?

    You can use our looking glass or speedtest.net to test your speed.

  • How do you feel about encrypted traffic (vpn, tor, etc.)?

    If the use of such services is not associated with illegal activity or high traffic, we see no reason to prohibit encrypted traffic.


    At the same time, you must understand that from our point of view, you are responsible for those users and the traffic that passes through such your servers, because. we have no way of seeing the difference between you and your site's customers.


    We do not recommend running public services that are likely to be connected to by fraudulent clients.

  • How do you feel about illegal and prohibited content, the provision of illegal or unethical services (spam, pornography, copyrighted objects, botnets, etc.)?

    In the event of receiving complaints (abuse), if your services or content violate the rules of network etiquette or the laws of Ukraine, we will suspend the services provided to you if a cursory check of the existence of grounds for a complaint shows that there are such (the complaint is confirmed). We will forward the gist of the complaint to you and wait for your response. Our policy in resolving such issues is based on the fact that the owner of the server or hosting should be attentive to complaints and be sure to respond to them as soon as possible. We allow the following amount of time to respond, depending on the severity of the violation:


    • Trojans, viruses, phishing sites, scams - 3 hours;

    • pornographic materials, distribution/advertising of illegal substances, humiliation, insulting people - 12 hours;

    • spam/other violations - 24 hours;

    Lack of response on your part may lead to account blocking or removal of your server or hosting.

    It is forbidden to post the following materials and services:

    • Pornography, erotica in any form and for any purpose

    • Spam

    • Any resources related to botnets

    • Illegal distribution of software, audio and video products, programs for “hacking” software

    • Fraud in any form (phishing, etc.)

    • Distribution and/or advertising of prohibited substances

    The list may be supplemented.

  • What activities using your services are considered inappropriate?

    • sending any information that is contrary to the requirements of Ukrainian legislation or international law. Mailing is understood as mass mailing of several e-mails to many recipients, and multiple mailings to one recipient. Messages are understood as messages of e-mail, ICQ and other similar means of personal exchange of information;

    • sending electronic messages of a commercial or other nature, not previously agreed (not requested) by its recipient, if there is a written application from the recipient of such distribution;

    • publication or transmission of any information or software that contains computer viruses or other components equated to them that cause or may cause harm to an indefinite number of people, equipment, software;

    • publication, transmission, reproduction or any other use of information, software or other materials, subject to the written request of the owner of such information (or his representative) to limit the listed actions;

    • publication and transmission via the Internet of any information that contradicts the current Ukrainian or international legislation. In particular, this applies to pornographic images, videos, other erotic and pornographic content. At the same time, the definitions of pornographic and erotic content are located in the Law of Ukraine "On the defense of suspenseful morality";

    • publication and transmission via the Internet of any information that calls for the overthrow of the constitutional order, for a change of power, for armed uprisings, for riots, for a civil war, for inciting ethnic and ethnic hatred, for changing the boundaries of administrative-territorial units, to the declaration of independence of certain territories or to the accession of certain territories to other countries, and other information that threatens national security, sovereignty, territorial integrity.

    • intervention or attempts of unauthorized access to the work of equipment and services of the data center, other customers or resources available via the Internet;

    • use of software that permanently uses a large amount of system resources (CPU, Memory, IOPS)

    • proxying or encrypting unwanted (malicious) traffic

    • placement of resources that are subject to constant DDoS attacks

    • placement of resources that are likely to be blocked by Roskomnadzor

  • What are your regulations for DDOS attacks on client resources

    By default (if the "DDoS Protection" additional service is not ordered), when a DDOS attack is made, the attacked address is blocked for outside access for 4 hours.


    If during the month the same address is attacked more than 5 times, we reserve the right to refuse to provide the service.

  • What is your refund policy?

    In case you are not satisfied with the quality of our services, please create a ticket with an appropriate statement and a description of the problems you experienced. Your request will be considered.


    If it was submitted within the first 3 days of using the service, we will refund the funds that were prepaid in full.


    In the event that the appeal is made later, we will consider the objectivity of your statements, if the problems you experienced can be repeated or evidence of problems can be found by examining the logs / graphs of the monitoring system, we will also return the funds. Refunds are made to your balance.
    In the event of an additional requirement, we can make a refund by transfer to a valid bank account or other electronic payment system that is available to us. At the same time, the amount of expenses incurred by us will not be refunded (domain name registration, software licenses, man-hours of work). If there is a commission when transferring a payment, it is paid by the recipient.

  • What is your policy on blocking and removing services?

    Service blocking

    At the end of the paid period, all services are automatically renewed. If there are not enough funds on your balance to withdraw payment for the next period of using the service, the service is automatically blocked.


    Deleting services


    Services blocked by billing for non-payment are automatically deleted after a while:

    • Virtual Servers (VDS) are deleted after 3 days

    • dedicated servers are deleted after 1 day

    • shared hosting is deleted after 10 days

    • Server colocation is deleted after 3 days

    Removal procedure:


    • virtual servers (VDS) - virtual machine images are deleted

    • dedicated servers - disks are formatted, the machine is released for issuance to any other client

    • shared hosting - the user and his directory on the disk are deleted

    • server colocation - the equipment is dismantled and sent to the warehouse

    • if IP addresses have been issued, they will be marked free for issuance to other clients

    Services blocked for significant violations of the terms of service (spam, prohibited content, botnet, other illegal actions) can be removed after any period, at the discretion of the engineer who is responsible for a specific rule violation ticket, if there is no response from the client.

  • What is your regulation on the protection and confidentiality of customer data?

    We respect your privacy and care about the safety and security of your personal information. Any information received from you will be used only to fulfill your order or provide measures to protect your account. We do not share or sell your information to third parties.


    Our whistleblowing complaint policy aims to provide a comprehensive review of each individual complaint. Before taking any action, we will need to make sure that the claims received are 100% legit. We obligatorily inform our clients about each such request.

  • How quickly can I expect a response to my request?

    Ordering and installation of servers and hosting are automatic, usually you receive an order within a few minutes. We usually respond to a request in the ticket system within half an hour.

  • How can I make a proposal for your services and work?

    You can create a ticket in the category "Questions and suggestions to management".

  • What are your availability guarantees?

    We guarantee the availability of services in our area of responsibility at the level of 99.8%, otherwise, the money will be returned to the account at your request.

  • Do you provide services for the administration of services and setting up user servers?

    Yes. We provide basic (free) and advanced (paid) administration services.

    Basic administration includes:

    • Moving websites and other information to us from other hosting providers

    • Help in installing and configuring services purchased from us (ssl certificates, domain names, backups)

    • Updating the OS, installing and basic software configuration from standard or well-known plug-in repositories

    • Configuring network interfaces, working with the disk subsystem and other basic server maintenance

    • Analyzing log files and identifying the causes of server failures.

    For more information about administration, please contact our technical support.

    Schedule of guaranteed provision of basic administration services - from 11:00 to 18:00 (GMT +2)

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