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Cloud object storage S3


S3-like fast storage with double data duplication and access via HTTP and API for web applications, backup, distribution of static content and storage of archives. It supports S3-compatible API (REST API) and is easily integrated into applications written in any language.

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The GMhost cloud storage core supports S3 API commands, including advanced ones: ACL (access control) management, multi threaded download, etc. The S3 API is supported by numerous applications, in particular, almost all backup systems, content management systems (CMS), for example, 1C-Bitrix, WordPress. The procedure for connecting to our cloud storage also does not require long and complicated client-side firewall settings. To do this, use the standard 443 TCP port HTTPS.
We provide free 24/7 technical support and basic administration services. The cost of the service depends on the used storage volume and outgoing traffic, incoming traffic is free. In the event of early termination of prepaid services, it is possible to withhold funds as compensation for the services provided as part of a free transfer or basic administration at our discretion (see the refund policy). To order S3 object storage for a test, please contact a technical support, indicating the goals, desired volume and duration of testing.

Key Benefits
Free support
24/7, consultations, assistance with migration or startup.
Low price
Excluding incoming traffic, the storage price is lower than many analogues, downloading is more profitable than foreign offers.
Free testing, quick setup.
Safety and control
Encryption during data transfer and storage, logging operations, setting access rights.
The number and volume of files is not limited, always quick access to content, without reference to the number and volume of files.
Automatic creation of 2 data replicas on separate independent servers, reliability at the level of Tier II, SLA availability of 99.7%.
Transparent pricing
Transaction history storage, electronic document management.
Easy integration
Support for REST API S3, connection of applications via S3 API, ready-made plug-ins and integration with CMS / CRM, etc.
Ability to transfer data from Amazon S3, Microsoft Blobs, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Digital Ocean, etc. clouds to GMhost object storage and back.
More benefits

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Object Storage Examples
Storage for backups, <br><noscript><img src=
Storage for backups,
logs, archives
Emergency Recovery
Emergency Recovery
Storage and distribution of multimedia <br><noscript><img src=
Storage and distribution of multimedia
for photo stocks and video hosting
Storage for games, mobile and <br><noscript><img src=
Storage for games, mobile and
web applications
Workflow storage
Workflow storage
Video Recording <br><noscript><img src=
Video Recording
Back up to the cloud. Keep backups without restrictions on the volume and adjust the retention period of files automatically deleting irrelevant copies so as not to pay for the storage of unnecessary backups. It supports working with built-in backup applications and provides quick access to information. Most backup systems can be connected to GMhost storage using the S3 API. Popular CMS (1C-Bitrix, Wordpress, etc.) also support the backup API. If the system does not support S3, you can use the curl utility or the like to use object storage.
Static data
Static data
Reduce the load on the site and free up computing power. The engine and texts of the site can be placed on the hosting, and photos, videos, files for download - in the object cloud storage. This allows you to speed up the loading of static content and cope with peak loads. Save files of any format and size - the content will be available under any load without restrictions on the speed of distribution. Many CMS (1C-Bitrix, Wordpress, etc.) initially support S3. But this is not a requirement, files from the repository are accessible via regular hyperlinks.
Share and store files. Such a repository is an ideal archive of documents: it can be used for data that needs to be stored for a long period and in the future to access them. For example, documents, tax or medical records, media files, etc.
S3 API Support Level and Technical Features
  • Multipart upload
    Faster and more reliable downloads due to file splitting
  • Protection of information
    Data Encryption
  • Connection channels
    The Internet
    Secure L2 VPN, organized upon request
    Connection from the GMhost data center
  • Not supported
    Versioning and metadata searches
    Headers x-amz-security-token, x-amz-delete-marker, x-amz-id-2, x-amz-version-id
    Bucket Notification Functionality
  • Supported Ports
    Using https, port 443
  • Compatible backup systems

    • Arcserve backup

    • CommVault Simpana

    • IBM Spectrum Protect

    • Veritas/Symantec

    • etc. with S3 API support

  • Sharing resources between different sources
    List buckts
    Delete bucket
    Create bucket
    Bucket lifecycle
    Policy (Buckets, Objects)
    Bucket website
    Bucket ACLs (Get, Put)
    Bucket location
    Bucket object versions
    Get Bucket Info (HEAD)
    Bucket request payment
    Put object
    Delete Object
    Get object
    Object ACLs (Get, Put)
    Get Object Info (HEAD)
    POST Object
    Copy object
    Multipart Uploads
    Object tagging
  • Access control
    Access Control Lists (ACLs)
    Prefix keys, access control within one project
    Temporary access to objects by presigned URLs (passing authentication data in the URL string)
  • Storage lifecycle management
    Auto delete objects
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