Tier II colocation in Ukraine, Khmelnitskiy

Unmetered power and bandwith
+380 (44) 221 3 343 +380 (67) 119 6 777 +380 (95) 113 6 777 +380 (63) 722 6 777

Get your own Server co-located in Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine. Our Datacenter is powered by redundant power supply and Multiple Gigabit lines. With 24x7 Monitoring by experience technicians get help at any point of time. All our colocation plans includes 2 IPs and 100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth and more!
  • Colo-2U
  • $ 33 00 /mo


  • Up to 400* WPSU Power
  • 1х220 VSockets
  • 1х1 GbpsPorts
  • Unlim*Bandwidth
  • 1 pcsIPv4
  • Up to 700 mmDepth
  • Free*IP-KVM
  • Free*Reboot
  • Free*Install
  • Free*Basic admin.
  • Order
  • Colo-10U
  • $ 140 00 /mo


  • Up to 1.5 kWPower
  • 9х220 VSockets
  • Up to 9х1 GbpsPorts
  • Unlim*Bandwidth
  • 2 pcsIPv4
  • Up to 700 ммDepth
  • Free*IP-KVM
  • Free*Reboot
  • Free*Install
  • Free*Basic admin.
  • Order
  • Colo-ATX
  • $ 39 00 /mo


  • Up to 450* WPSU Power
  • 1х220 VSockets
  • 1х1 GbpsPorts
  • Unlim*Bandwidth
  • 1 pcsIPv4
  • Up to 220*444*550 mmDimensions
  • Free*IP-KVM
  • Free*Reboot
  • Free*Install
  • Free*Basic admin.
  • Order
  • On request


  • RequestPower
  • RequestSockets
  • RequestPorts
  • RequestBandwidth
  • RequestIPv4
  • Free*IP-KVM
  • Free*Reboot
  • Free*Install
  • Free*Basic admin.
  • Request *


* We offer free 24/7 technical support services (including restarting of the server and IP-KVM-connection), basic administration and support of your domain zones (DNS). If within a month will be used more 5Tb traffic, we reserve the right to reduce bandwidth up to 10Mbps to the end of the month. When colocating a server for a year or more, you can receive the following services for free to choose: register a domain name in zones pp.ua, in.ua, ru, net.ua, com.ua; get SSL-certificate Comodo Positive SSL or get backup-storage. In case of early termination of the colocation services, the domain is not transferred to another registrar without compensation for the cost of registration, SSL-certificate cost helds, we may hold a part of funds as a compensation for the free transfer of basic administration services provided (refer to the our refund policy).

You have the option to transfer the equipment for colocation without personal presence. We are ready to get equipment, by delivery service, which presented in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine (DHL, EMS etc.), get details from our managers.

** Guaranteed full unlimited bandwidth. We provide any bandwidth by request.

Tariff plans are basic. We accept to colocation servers and other equipment, such as routers etc. and provide guaranteed bandwidth you need. We have several Ukrainian backbone operators at our place, which gives you the ability to organize uplinks with them directly.

Colocation service is suitable for those customers who do not want to rent a dedicated server or have their own equipment available. Some projects demanding the speed of the disk subsystem, another important processor performance, the third - number of simultaneous requests from users. If your project has specific requirements for the hardware, the best case is to buy or build a server that is most suitable for your needs.

In addition, we will always help you to install and configure scripts and environment for free, because basic administration service is free of charge and does not exceed the actual cost of hosting by "hidden charges".

If you want to colocate a server, but have difficulty in choosing - made request. Our managers will be happy to provide you with detailed advice on services and prices, as well as help to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Optional features for your server*

+ 50W Power
+ Network supply 220V
Additional 100Mbps Ethernet Port
Additional 1 Gb Ethernet Port
Additional 10 Gb Ethernet Port
Extra IPv4
Permanent IP-KVM or IPMI
Backup storage
from 0.69$/mo
from 5$/yr
from 150$/mo

* Ability to change the server configuration and provide additional services depends on the technical capabilities of the equipment and the method of integrating services.

All Plans Include

Free basic administration
fast 24/7 support
unmetered bandwidth
Free transfer
We are
IPv4 and
Refunds for
Excellent value
price quality
High availability
Premium hardware
and connection
Easy payment and
service management
Profitable affiliate
Openness and

Questions and Answers

Your additional earnings: 10% of all payments of your customers. The main advantage of the program is that you get passive income as long as the customer uses our services.